The Antidepressant Effects of (Arcangelisia flava (l.) Merr) Water-Soluble Extract in Balb-C Mice Reviewed from Immobility Time by Forced

Tiara A, Arief R H, Sudarsono Sudarsono


This study was conducted to examine / determine the antidepressant effects of (Arcangelisiaflava L.) on immobility time of the white male mice strain Balb-c by the forced swim test method. The method of research using laboratory animals such as 25 micewas divided into 5 groups. As a negative control group was only given distilled water ad libitum. Amitryptiline was used as the positive control group; the experiment group was a water-soluble extract of A.flava by  multiple doses. The results showed that the best antidepressant effects were312 mg/kgBW ; it had a minimum of immobility time compared with the other groups.


Acangelisiaflava; berberine; immobility time; antidepressants

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